Webinar on demand: Marketing sustainability to customers – why & how

On March 25th 2021, Blue Business and Magnetize co-hosted a webinar on the topic of marketing your sustainability. 

Why? Because sustainability is going mainstream. It’s changing the world of B2B and marketing leaders can take advantage.Chr Hansen’s CEO calls it “the biggest commercial opportunity ever”. The largest corporations have made bold environmental and social commitments. And they want their supply chains to contribute. 

Key learnings 

In this webinar you will learn about… 

  • The profound impact of sustainability on B2B buying criteria and behaviour 
  • Why companies must create sustainability communications specifically targeting customers  
  • Opportunities and risks 
  • Updating messaging and branding 
  • Making sustainability appealing 
  • When is the right time 
  • What sort of content is relevant 
  • Who should participate in the initiative 
  • How to get started 

Watch the webinar on demand here:

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Strategy workshop 

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