Was Sales and Marketing Alignment an issue when Henry Ford was around?

The answer to the question is “probably not” and you may ask yourself “what has Henry Ford got to do with Sales and Marketing alignment in the first place”? Well, a lot in way because the old man was quoted saying “Coming together is the beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is success.” Alignment […]

Intent based marketing: the only 100% targetted marketing tool

When B2B marketeers are looking to understand which customers are in the market and how the outreach should be prioritized, they have had a hard time finding the right answers. With the new updated Intent Based Advertising platform we can offer you exactly that: Which customers are actively consuming content that is relevant for your […]

So what is new? – Change is still forever…

As we start off the new year, we see astonishing rates of infections from Covid despite pretty successful vaccination and re-vaccination programs. In this unpredictable world, we will risk our necks once again and provide you with 10 predictions for 2022.. Prediction no. 1: Covid will not go away but it will be a manageable […]

7 ingredients to successful B2B campaigns

More and more, companies expect their suppliers to be present, always engaging and highly relevant on all online channels. A tall order you may say. So, what does it take for marketing and sales to deliver on this? Consider the following 7 ingredients to deliver successful B2B marketing that drive both awareness, new leads and […]

Knock the socks off your customers with creative messaging

Albert Einstein defined creativity as: “Creativity is intelligence having fun”. John Cleese said it’s simply new ways of thinking about things. In B2B marketing, creativity is using fresh ideas to incite action that drives results. So you may ask yourself “what is your strategy”? Is it one that is more focused on avoiding being boring, […]

Back to the new normal

So are we going to shake hands again? Well, probably yes as we see more and more people being vaccinated. An indicator could be the outlook for the travel industry. McKinsey estimates that business travel within the next 12 months will be at 80% of the pre-Covid levels. Can you imagine flying for two hours […]

Blue Business søger business development rep./forretningsudvikler

Vi har travlt og formået at komme i dialog med rigtig mange virksomheder som står med planer om at komme i gang eller løfte deres leadgenerering. Faktisk har vi så travlt at vi ikke kan nå ud til alle og har derfor brug for en stærk business development representative (BDR). I jobbet som BDR kommer […]

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