Nothing stays the same

It’s dark, windy, and pretty cold here in Copenhagen making it easier to dream about the summer of 2021. With Covid-19 vaccine programs accelerating throughout the spring of 2021 it is a fair assumption that we will all gradually move towards a new normal. Be warned though; a new normal will not be a return […]

Blue Business in partnership to address medtech needs for digitalisation

Blue Business and TeQflo creates partnership to focus on leveraging the combined value to customers in the medtech, biotech and medical device industry. There is a burning need for non-digital medtech companies to implement a modern marketing and sales strategy. The first initiative will be a webinar focusing on the specific needs of medtech companies. […]

How to get your product brand on the shortlist when hospitals and clinics are buying

According to a Bain & Company 2018 report covering hospitals: “Centralized purchasing decisions in which procurement officers are the primary decision maker have doubled in the past two years”. If you couple these insights with a very comprehensive study conducted by Google Insights and HIMS about the hospital purchasing decision, it is clear that committee […]

Intent-based advertising: how to reach accounts that are active in your market

With intent-based advertising it’s now possible, in real time, to get your message in front of the accounts as they’re actively searching for your products. One of the most famous quotes from Lord Leverhulme, the founder of Unilever, is “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, and the trouble is I don’t know […]

Customer experience is key to business growth. But many B2B companies can’t see clear solutions

The digital revolution is making B2B customers much tougher targets The figures are clear. Accenture found that 61% of all B2B transactions now originate online. The research also showed that most customers are already more than halfway through their buying process before they first contact a company, and 90% never respond to cold calling. Source: […]

The REACT model: taking your key accounts all the way on the customer journey

The best companies are enabled by a new approach and by enabling new technology. Marketers and sales face many challenges: GDPR is definitely a game changer, and so is the increasing complexity in the buying center, and the concentration of buying power. Recent research (Celsius, 2017) indicates that for capital goods investment it is not […]

How to choose marketing metrics that matter to you – and the business

In our dialog with customers, we often hear marketers stating that a key challenge they face is defining their most critical marketing metrics and key performance indicators. Ironically, more heads of marketing than ever are motivated by the opportunity to demonstrate how they impact the business. So, directionally the marketing department is very aware of […]

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